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9701370d-381e-40bf-9f30-bd41dac0c15b.gif will contribute 0.5% of your purchase to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. More details at checkout. is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to give training in vintage warbirds. Below you'll find a list of all the training flights on offer at Goodwood Aerodrome in the Spitfire. For each of the items listed below you will receive briefings about the facility, the aircraft, the flying equipment you'll be wearing such as helmets, flight suits and parachutes, and you'll receive briefings on flying techniques, the aircraft's systems and the aircraft's history. Then you'll meet your pilot and discuss with him what you'd like to do on your flight be it a sightseeing tour or some aerobatics, or a bit of both. To book any of the below flights you MUST hold or have held a fixed wing pilot licence.

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