top of page has a number of sites around the country from which it operates remotely. Leeds is the latest addition that has been established away from Goodwood and is proving to be a huge success, so much so that we offer two days every other week throughout the summer. Leeds East's / Church Fenton's location in Yorkshire makes it the ideal venue from which to enjoy flights in warbirds over some of the most beautiful countryside that the country has to offer, including the Yorkshire Dales, the North Yorkshire Moors and the East coast beaches and Humber Estuary too. In addition the lack of airspace means you  have the ultimate freedom when flying so unless you've chosen to fly alongside another spitfire it's unlikely that you'll see another aircraft in the sky. 



Leeds East Airport, formerly RAF Church Fenton, was a built as part of the UK's response to the looming threat posed by a growing Nazi movement in Germany.

During WW2 the airfield played a significant role in defending the surrounding cites of Leeds, York, Sheffield and Hull, using Gladiators, Hurricanes, Spitfires, Mosquitos and latterly Typhoons. With its Bristol Beaufighters it was also the base for the night fighters that engaged enemy bombers during the Blitz. 

The Airfield was manned by nations from all around the world with British, American, Australian, Canadian and Polish Squadrons all fighting together.

Post war the airfield retained it's role as a key fighter base welcoming in the jet age with the Meteors and Hunters but in later years was used by the RAF primarily for training its new pilots



Back view of the Leeds Spitfire aircraft hangar
WW2 memorial in Leeds.
The Leeds aircraft hangar with grey tin roof surrounded by grass.

SPitfire Flights from LEEDS EAST AIRPORT

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