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As much as we love vintage design such as the Spitfire we love new technology. We also want to do everything we can to give our customers the opportunity to remember their once-in-a-lifetime Spitfire flight in the best way possible. With this in mind we have invested in new equipment for the Spitfires which enables recording of 360 degree videos. This means you will have the chance to relive your flight or share with friends and family. Not only will you relive your favourite moments but you'll also be able to capture parts of the flight that you might not have seen. One of these would be to see your own expressions throughout the flight as you roll and swoop and dive. You'll also be able to to prove to your friends that you flew the aircraft yourself as the camera will show you with your hands on the controls.  

Use your mouse to scroll left, right, up and down

As the technology is so new we have realised that many people would not be able to play the video back if we just gave them the raw file. We will therefore deliver the video through YouTube as the software is included on their website and in their App in order to play the film back automatically. This means your video will be stored in the cloud, not specifically on any of your devices meaning you'll have access to it wherever you have internet access. It will however be on a private only part of the YouTube domain so only you will be able to access it, or anyone you trust with the link. In addition, to ensure you have a copy of the file yourself, we will also send you the file via a digital transfer system so you can retain a copy of the file on for your own safekeeping. (Note: Some operating systems will play this raw file as a 360 video already.)

You will be able to play the video on your smartphone, on your tablet or on your computer.

Before you try playback you will need to ensure the  steps below have been taken for the different play back options.

Ensure you have the YouTube app installed and that it is up to date. It will not work just using the YouTube website on your browser.

Ensure you have the YouTube app installed and that it is up to date. It will not work just using the YouTube website on your browser.

Ensure you have updated your browser to the latest version. Safari currently doesn't support this product so we suggest using Google Chrome. 

360 box.jpg

The video will be downloaded as soon as you exit the aircraft but does then need to be edited. Our aim is to have a link sent out to you within 48 hours, and possibly the eve of your flight, so that you can start sharing the experience while it is still fresh in your mind, be it around the table with your family or at the pub with friends.

By far the best way to experience the flight, other than in the aircraft itself of course, is through the Google Cardboard VR headset. Using a special function on the YouTube app you slide your smartphone into the headset and look through the lenses to watch the video. Then wherever you move your head accelerometers in the phone recognise the movement and change the view accordingly. As the name of the technology, Virtual Reality, suggests it just like being in the aircraftMore instructions on how to make this work are written on the bottom of the headset.


Package includes:

  • Google cardboard headset with Company logo.

  • 360 degree video delivered through YouTube.

  • A back up file delivered by digital transfer to your email address

  • Email support in case you have any problems viewing your video.

Support email:


  • If you're not sure whether to go for this option when you book your flight you can always wait until the day of your flight.. You will then be able to try a 360 video before you fly and make your decision then.


£200.00 INC VAT


  • Please note that sometimes the technology can fail. In this case you will be refunded for your video but we can not refund you for the cost of the flight. Purchase of this product acknowledges this condition. 


  • Only available on products where you see this symbol 

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