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Spitfire People by Paul Beaver

Spitfire People by Paul Beaver

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'The first comprehensive compilation of the people, places, politics and means of production of the Spitfire' - Captain Eric Brown


Spitfire People examines the world's most iconic aeroplane from the people perspective, breaking new ground by using previously unpublished sources to shed light on the Spitfire's design, production and operation. Paul Beaver not only uncovers the political supporters without whom the Supermarine fighter would not have progressed after the first failed attempt, but also identifies those who designed the famous wing when Supermarine brought in new talent. This allowed the creation and development of a truly gifted team of designers whose legacy is Britain's finest aeroplane and the only Allied machine of the Second World War to have remained in production and service throughout the conflict. Spitfire People explores the roles of over 50 significant people in depth and the achievements of dozens more are recognised.


Paul Beaver is a historian, broadcaster and commentator as awell as an historic aeroplane pilot who has been flying the Spitfire since 2011.

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