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Like everyone else in the country we've had to stop flying due to the COVID-19 pandemic but on friday the 5th June we were notified by the CAA that GA flight operations in aircraft with separated cockpits could go ahead once again leaving the door open to us resuming our passenger flights.

We have taken precautions to ensure that all government guidelines are being met and that we play no part in causing any spread of infection. Let's hope this is the start of the rest of the summer!!

Typically as soon as we got approval to fly the glorious weather we had been enjoying for 10 weeks changed overnight but despite this we were able to find some sun and some great clouds as backdrop to finally get the year under way.

It's also great to be flying of the grass again at Goodwood. The runway work that the estate carried out a few years ago has finally settled in enough to allow Spitfire operations once again and it felt great to be back at HQ!



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