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Jan 25, 2022

Wishing you all the best of luck 🍀 at , Stamp Productions & Red Bull studios with your entry at

Manchester Film festival 20th March 2022

G-irty’s epic trip around the globe / this Birmingham Uk made silver beauty still in my thoughts 2 years plus, since you all safely touched back down on the turf at Goodwood on the 5th December 2019

Now we know ................ Covid was literally chasing your tail back home to the Uk

I know your teams are the winners of this film festival already !

Stay safe and well all !


The feature documentary depicting G-IRTY's world record-breaking adventure, straight from the golden era of aviation, will compete at the BIFA qualifying…


Unknown member
Sep 24, 2021

Fantastic weather the last couple of weeks ........... September 2021 in Devon

for spotting Spitfires flying past !

I managed to spot my first Spit’s in the Devon sky on Sunday 19th September just before 6 pm

2 x spits flying over Greenway House , Glampton , Brixham / Dartmouth area ...... heading over Torbay back to Exeter Airport

Wednesday 22nd September I spent a couple of hours PM at Exeter airport watching take off and landings , the normal air traffic / light planes seemed so so slow on take off ................

compared to the spitfire that was noticeably faster ...................

it was just like a V1 flying bomb fly over my head at the City end of t…


Unknown member
Aug 27, 2021

That Birmingham made beauty / City of Exeter Spit ....

still has it going on ................... 80 years on ......., 😁😉

I am sure Matt Jones could have opened the throttle a touch more and wiped the land based transport out !

we all know who is the winner don't we !

that iconic shape in the sky .

I'm looking forward to hearing that Merlin pur of Boultbee's Spits flying over our Devon Sky again soon .

Fingers crossed 20th September 2021

they will be flying out of Exeter again for the week !

Wishing all readers to ...........

Keep safe and well as the seasons change with Covid still doing the rounds

"Roger and out ..........! "


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