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Alan Robinson became the first graduate of the Spitfire Scholarship to solo the Spitfire. It was a magnificent effort not only because he only has 150 hours of flying experience, but because he only has one leg. In doing so he became the first disabled pilot to fly the Spitfire since Douglas Bader. A truly remarkable effort.

The picture below was taken from a helicopter during one of Alan's training flights the day prior to his solo. Alan is an outstanding pilot irrespective of his disability and I know he, like us, would like to thank the Royal Household's Endeavour Fund, Rolls Royce PLC, and Walter Scott for their part in making his dream come true. Alan would like to continue building experience to one day become a display pilot, but also wants to act as an ambassador for disabled aviators proving through his achievement that anything is possible.

Below Alan sits in the Spitfire post his solo flight, a very emotional and happy man, fully deserving of the place he won on the scheme and an inspiration to all who played any part in his training.



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