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Matt Jones

Managing Director

Matt Jones

Matt first took to the skies while in the RAF CCF section at Exeter school where he flew Chipmunks. After studying Civil Engineering at Newcastle University and working for an investment bank in London he saw the light and made plans for a career in aviation. 

He first found work flying business jets, where he ultimately managed aircraft for private clients, flying both private jets and helicopters.


Matt's passion for historic aircraft meant he always wanted to fly the ultimate fighter, the iconic Spitfire, so when the opportunity presented itself he grabbed it, setting up the with Steve Brooks.

Highlights of the Academy conceived of and lead by Matt include the first worldwide approval to fly passengers in two seat Spitfires, The Spitfire Scholarship with Prince Harry to teach injured ex-servicemen to learn to fly the Spitfire, a flypast including 35 Spitfires and Hurricanes for the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and the audacious idea to fly a Spitfire around the world.


After four months away from the UK the latter was successfully completed on the 5th December 2019, reaching 30 countries with the aircraft, promoting it's history and the UK in general in those places, and earning a word record in the process.


Matt is the founder and Managing Director of

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