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John Dodd

Spitfire Pilot & Instructor

John Dodd

During his time at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough John developed his passion for old aeroplanes. He started flying Chipmunks, Tiger Moths, the Tipsy Nipper and the might DC-3. After two and a half years the urge to fly full time was too much so he left Farnborough to live in Germany and fly for a parachute centre. After 2 years, 700hrs on turbine Islanders, 40 parachute jumps and a logbook full of adventures he returned to the UK to fly low level operations for the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency, and then went on to the Boeing 737 with BMI.


Over the past 12 years John has been flying for various operators of classic aircraft as well as his own Pitts Special.


He is now part time with British Airways and spends the rest of his time flying for operators of classic prop and jet aircraft. He's 'living his own dream'!


John flies the Chipmunk, Harvard and Spitfire for the Academy., He instructs and Displays the Spitfire.

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