Spitfire pilot

Spitfire flights: 19th of August 1942

‘I really fell in love with an aircraft. That was the most fascinating aeroplane and the easiest one I ever flew. The gentlest aerobatic thing that I ever had my hands on. It was forgiving; you could make all kinds of mistakes’. The words of a young American pilot, Lieutenant Harry Strawn of the 309th Fighter Squadron who came to Europe and flew Spitfires over Dieppe in 1942.

Harry Strawn in  a MkV having a Spitfire ExperienceSpitfire
Lieutenant Harry Strawn sat in the cockpit of his Mk V Spitfire at RAF Westhampnett in 1942. Harry was a pilot in the 309th Fighter Squadron who took part in the air operations over Dieppe in 1942.

It is 80 years ago this year that Spitfires operated by the 31st Fighter Group flew from RAF Westhampnett (Goodwood Aerodrome) to support Operation Jubilee.