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Spitfire Flights & Experiences From EXETER AERODROME has a number of sites around the country from which it operates remotely. Exeter was the first site that was established away from Goodwood and proved a huge success, so much so that we now visit for a couple of weeks each year bringing a variety of different aircraft each time. Exeter's location on the south coast of Devon makes it ideal venue from which to enjoy flights in warbirds over some of the most beautiful countryside that the country has to offer, including Dartmoor, the rolling lush green hills that Devon is famous for, The Jurassic coastline to the east and beautiful rocky inlets around Dartmouth and Salcombe. In addition the lack of airspace means you  have the ultimate freedom when flying so unless you've chosen to fly alongside another warbird it's unlikely that you'll see another aircraft in the sky. 


In World War II RAF Exeter was an important RAF Fighter Command airfield during the Battle of Britain. RAF Exeter was used by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) Ninth Air Force as a D-Day troop transport base with Douglas C-47 Skytrain transports dropping paratroopers near Carentan to land on the Normandy Beachhead.

During the Battle of Britain the RAF's No 10 Group had 307 (Polish) Squadron, 213 Squadron, 87 Squadron and 601 Squadron all based at Exeter Airport. The airfield suffered quite badly from aerial assaults and despite efforts at camouflage, including painting the runways, Exeter still attracted the Luftwaffe and most administrative and technical buildings were destroyed.



Two Spitfire planes flying in tandem in front of a row of trees.
Back view of a Spitfire plane sitting in an airfield.
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