CUMBERNAULD AIRPORT is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly passengers in vintage warbirds. Below you'll find a list of all the experiences on offer at Cumbernauld Airport in Scotland For each of the experiences listed below you will receive briefings about the facility, the aircraft, the flying equipment you'll be wearing such as helmets, flight suits and parachutes, and you'll watch a video that explains the risks of flying a vintage warbird such as the Spitfire. Then you'll meet your pilot and discuss with him what you'd like to do on your flight be it a sightseeing tour or some aerobatics, or a bit of both. You should plan to be with us for 4 hours in either a morning or afternoon slot..For more information on the risks involved in taking a flight in a Spitfire or Mustang please CLICK HERE..



Situated almost equidistant between Glasgow and Edinburgh Cumbernauld Airport gives exceptional access to both cities, acting as a gateway to the glorious surroundings of the Scottish Highlands to the north without the restrictions of an International Airport. 

Whilst any route of flight will be considered according to the customer's requests, the majority of our flights will take passengers into the Trossachs for a loop around some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. And what better way to see it than over the wing of a Spitfire or a P51 Mustang.

Cumbernauld Airport does not have any specific wartime history the man that made it the successful aerodrome it is currently was a wartime Spitfire and Mustang pilot. Post war Duncan McIntosh went on to co-found, and become the Chief Pilot for Loganair, an airline that was set up to provide transport for Willie Logan's employees to the most extreme parts of the Scottish Islands. Now many roads in and around the airport are named after Duncan in his memory.