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Simon Oliver

Head of Communications

Simon Oliver

Simon was born in Sydney, Australia and spent his formative years in America and Hong Kong. He spent much of his early life flying to and from the UK, for holidays and visiting family. His frequent travels are where he thinks he got his love of aviation from, as well as from his Grandfather who flew Mustang P-51B reconnaissance aircraft in WWII.


Whilst holidaying in the UK, on his 16th birthday, Simon had a trial flying lesson at the Goodwood Flying School and his love of flying was solidified. 12 years later, when time permitted, he obtained his Private Pilot Licence. Following his PPL(A), he worked at the Goodwood Flying School in Operations. He flew regularly and had aspirations of pursuing a career as a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor. Due to a change in personal and global circumstances, he chose to keep flying for recreation.


Simon has worked in the record industry, the media and marketing industry and most recently, he held two senior management positions in a group of companies that owned an aviation asset management business, a luxury car dealership and a property investment consultancy.


Simon is’s Head of Media & Communications which incorporates his love of aviation, the Spitfire, visual communications, press liaising, media management and branding.


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