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Nigel Coverwell

Simulator Instructor

Nigel Coverwell

"Having worked in IT for the past 30 years, it was a real pleasure to be invited to help deliver the simulator experience”.

Nigel has always been passionate about aviation and flight simulators. With a background in IT project management, team management and delivery of IT services at all levels, Nigel significantly adds to the delivery of the state-of-the-art simulator experience.

Over the past two years, Nigel has had the great pleasure and honour of working with some of the best Spitfire pilots, test pilots and instructors in the world who have not only taught him to fly the Spitfire simulator but how to hone his skills as a simulator instructor.

Nigel now delivers simulator experiences to customers at all levels from non-flyers to airline and military pilots. He can put them through their paces and gives them an experience that they expect. He also delivers simulator sessions to our own pilots who are carrying out recurrent training and helps them prepare for in-flight emergencies by simulating different scenarios.

Nigel is’s Simulator Instructor and Head of IT.

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