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Eskil Amdal

Spitfire Pilot & Instructor

Eskil Amdal

Eskil started flying radio-controlled airplanes when he was twelve years old. Since the first flight, aviation has been a major passion in his life. Although he started his military career in the Norwegian Army, his urge for flight directed him to the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF). In 2007 he was selected to become an Experimental Test Pilot.

Eskil has clocked up over 120 different aircraft and helicopter types in his logbook, including the P-38 Lightning 1, the F-35 Lightning 2, F-3/16/18/104, Spitfire, Sea Fury, P-51 and Mig-15. In 2012 Eskil met The Flying Bulls on their journey through Scandinavia and jioned the team.

Eskil has been a part of the team since 2014 and is a Spitfire pilot and instructor.

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