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Andy Durston

Spitfire Pilot & Instructor

Andy Durston

Growing up with aviation in the family, Andy had an early exposure to flying in the form of helicopters. However, the spark did not ignite until in his teens. After learning to fly at 17 years old the passion grew and Andy went on to gain his Display Authorisation in 2006, flying various Yaks and Pitts, during which time he started to learn the art of formation aerobatics.

Andy Joined the Navy in 2005, progression through the Fixed-Wing pipeline on the Tucano, Hawk and Harrier. Together with Jon Gowdy, Andy co-founded the FireFlies Aerobatic Display Team. In 2016,

He started flying Spitfires in 2017, his frst Spitfire being ML407, the Grace Spitfire. Since then, Andy has been lucky enough to fly a variety of warbirds, and some iconic aeroplanes including the Boeing 747 which he flew until it was retired from service at British Airways.

Andy is a Spitfire Pilot and Instructor at

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