An avid explorer and helicopter pilot who has set new records: in 2001, Steve designed and drove the world’s first land based vehicle across the Bering Strait from America to Russia and in 2004 became the first person to fly a helicopter from pole to pole. 


Involved in property development and investment since 1987 when he jointly founded the Boultbee Group, Steve owns and manages BoultbeeLDN a quality investment and development portfolio of office, and retail property.


Steve is also founder and joint owner of clean tech company Synergy Energy which was set up in 2011 to invest time and capital into new technologies and businesses which efficiently and sustainably generate, store, or reduce the use of, energy. 


Steve and his wife Joanna are principals of the Brooks Foundation, a charitable body created to support organisations committed to health, education, employment, wellbeing and social change.


Steve is currently going through training in the Academy so that he can fly the Spitfire himself. Steve is the co-founder and Accountable manager of the Academy.