Dieter has wanted to fly since pointing at the ‘Bats’ (Canberras) that streaked across his garden in Portsmouth. A feverish industry in model aeroplane and balsa glider construction followed, with varying degrees of success, all of which were launched into the skies over Sussex from Trundle hill overlooking Goodwood airfield.


Following a less than encouraging interview with his school's careers adviser, he eventually joined the family business. He gained his flying licence in 1993 and his commercial in 1999 intent on becoming an Instructor living a life of penury; an achievement he proudly preserves to this day from his garret in Chichester.


He joined the Instructor team at Goodwood Flying School in 2000 and following 5 years public transport flying and 6 years as display pilot on the Harvard, Stearman, Chipmunk and Super decathlon, he finally left the school as CFI to pursue his interest in vintage aeroplanes and to encourage the accessibility of all things tail wheel


Dieter flies the Chipmunk and Harvard for the Academy.